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I didn't appreciate how good Corsair is. Much Thanks!


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Thought I would share this. One of the sticks I just got of TwinX was bad right out of the box. Within one hour, I had an RMA and it went back the next day. I will have a replacement this week. Everywhere throughout the process it went smoothly and I was able to speak with real people when I needed to. That is all that anyone can ask.


I just encountered a different problem with my CPU, a 3200+, and I have had nothing but head aches. First, they couldn't find my serial number in the data base so after three very slow emails and 3 days I was registered. I then spent 2 more days with tech support and they told me my CPU was shutting down at way too low a temp so I should RMA it. Now it gets fun.


I get to their automated RMA process and my RMA is denied because "there is no physical damage". I answered a few of the questions a little differently, and each time my RMA was denied. Finally, I answered every question as to indicate a failure and they said my RMA was "accelerated" and I should contact the local service center for "further diagnostics".


This took three more days as I have yet to hear back from anyone. It has been over a week since I started his process and I am no where near getting a replacement. One would think with a failure and tech support saying I should send it back, a chip in the first 60 days of a three year warranty would not be a problem. But nooooo, as every step of the process is designed to stop me from getting my RMA. I have also heard that they take three weeks to process if the ever do let me send it back.


I spent more on my Corsair DIMMS that I did on my dud CPU; they are dealing with a $75 part for goodness sake!! And my RAM cost more than twice that amount.


Needles to say, I am very grateful for Corsair and their commitment to customer service.


I just wish you made socket 939 CPUs.

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