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CM72SD1024RLP-3200/S + Tyan S2895 (K8WE)


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Hey everybody,


There were a few similar posts regarding this issue here, but nothing definitive, so I've decided to give it a go and ask..


MB and Memory as above. CPUs are two dual cores , Opteron 265.

Video is Leadtek 7800GTX (don't think it's related, just for the complete environment picture). PS is 600W


8 sticks of the memory, each 1GB - always post well, but then win xp 64 constantly crashes on installation phase with BSOD MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION STOP (0x9c) message, which is memory related; linux fedora core v5 64 bit fails as well on a bootup complaining about cpu2 slot 3 stick. And finally - memtest fails after 10 mins running with a lot of errors in 4-6GB area.

Win xp 32bit is happy, but then again, it doesn't see more than 4 GB..


What I've tried:

leaving 4 sticks out of 8 makes everybody happy, including memtest.

Testing all 4 pairs separately in all 4 pairs of slots doesn't produce an error in memtest.

leaving 6 sticks produce errors after several hours, test number 5 or smth, don't remember already..

If I decrease DDR speed from 400 to 333, it still fails with 8 sticks.

I don't remember if I've tried DDR333 with 6 sticks, but I think it was failing again..

Updating BIOS didn't help.

So I've talked to Tyan and then the local distributor took my system and tested it. They got back to me and said "Well, Tyan says it's unstable configuration, so we offer a solution - here's 8 sticks of PC2100, DDR266, it works in memtest". And that's with this exact P/N declared by Tyan as officially supported on their website - that's why I bought it..

Now I'm a bit frustrated with that solution, because I know from other forums (2cpu.com, k8we.com) that other people are successfully running with 8GB DDR400 on this board, sometimes different memory, like ATP. And there are other boards, like SuperMicro H8DCE, which run with that config..


I found a reference in AMD documentation that, by design, DDR400 is limited to only 6 or 4 banks with DDR400, but all 8 should work with DDR333.


So I guess I just wanted to know what Corsair and you guys think about that.. Thanks for your opinions..

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These modules would be double sided so according to the Spec. 4 modules should be able to run at DDR400 but more than 4 double sided modules DDR333 or DDR266 would be suggested. Sorry!


RAMGUY - Thanks for the reply.

Yep, I found the same in AMD documentation - 8 slots populated with double

sided would result in DDR333 supported as maximum - no problem with that.

But I wasn't able to run it on DDR333 - only DDR266. And you said DDR333 _or_ DDR266. Any idea what would be a cause for this config not to run on DDR333, as in the spec?


I guess in a normal operating environment where OS would usually wait for I/O from hard disk/network/user input the difference wouldn't really matter.. Or am I wrong?

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Why won't this do 333?


From HWinfo


[General information]


Total Memory Size: 8 GBytes

Total Memory Size [MB]: 8192


[Current Performance Settings]


Current Memory Clock: 130.6 MHz

Current Timing (tCAS-tRCD-tRP-tRAS): 2.5-2-2-6


Memory Runs At: Dual-Channel


Supported Module Timing at 200.0 MHz: 3.0-3-3-8

Supported Module Timing at 166.7 MHz: 2.5-3-3-7

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