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Shuttle SB61G2v3 - Can it take the XMS Corsair?


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Hi all,


Right now, my machine is sluggish. I have a pair of Corsair TwinX 512MB matched pair in there right now and want to go straight to 2gb.


The memory recommended by the Corsair site is:

You searched for theShuttle SB61G2V3


CMSS1GB-400 Details

Part # » CMSS1GB-400

Type » DDR-400 (PC-3200)

Size » 1GB

Package » 184-pin DIMM



Max Memory » 2.0 GB

Expansion Slots » 2 sockets

CPU Socket » Intel Pentium 4

Details » 400/533/800MHz FSB, Intel 865G Chipset

A Complete List of Modules Compatible with your Product

Part # Size





I want to know if my computer can take this memory:


A local craigslister has a pair of 1GB. I've asked for the model #





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I really could not say I've looked into that part. I did find this googling




The SB61G2 is equipped with an Award / Phoenix v.6.00G BIOS that could be found on any board, large or small. From the Integrated Peripherals, users can enable or disable the integrated components, and determine whether to use IDE, SATA, or a combination of both types of drives. Memory timings are specified in the Advanced Chipset Features, and the speed is chosen, but only as a subset of the FSB of the CPU. For example, DDR400 can only be enabled when using an 800MHz FSB CPU. If a 533MHz FSB is installed, then the only speed choices are 200/266/333. We also were able to set the frame buffer size of the Intel Extreme Graphics 2 here, up to a maximum of 16MB.


The PC Health section of the BIOS has some options on controlling the speed of the exhaust fan, and in turn, controlling the noise output. The default setting here is titled 'Smart Fan', which will automatically raise the fan speed at certain temperature levels that the user can set. Otherwise, you can set the fan at four settings: Ultra Low (<2000rpm), Low, Mid, or Full (>3500rpm).


Unlike XPC systems in the past, the SB61G2 is completely overclockable. The CPU's Front Side Bus (FSB) can be set to any speed between 100MHz and 255MHz, in 1MHz increments. To support overclocking the FSB, the CPU, DDR, and AGP voltages can all be raised. CPU Voltage can be raised from 1.5V all the way up to 1.85V, while the DDR voltage choices are far less, going only as far as 2.75V. These choices are more than welcomed but care must be taken since heat is definitely a consideration in small enclosures like these.



And a bit more googling shows people using it, I think:





So TwinX and XMS are in the same family?



much appreciate the help from you!


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