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Upgrading Dell 5100 Memory.


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I have a Dell 5100 laptop that has 2 128MB memory stick in it. I am planning to replace the existing memory with 2 512MB memory stick for a total of 1GB memory. I have gone through the forum and found that Corsair's ValueSelect VS512SDS266 is the one that I can use in this laptop. Couple of questions:


1. Am I right in thinking that I can just remove the 2x128MB stick and replace it with the ValueSelect 2x512MB stick? Is all the voltage, latency, buffering, etc compatabile with the 5100 laptop?


2. If I buy memory from Newegg or ZipZoomFly then the lifetime warranty is provided, right? Suppose, if I buy it from Buy.com or Outpost.com or some other website. Is the lifetime warranty still applicable? Or am I on my own if I buy Corsair memory from a reseller that is not listed as authorized at Corsair's website?


3. Went through the warranty link and it says that if the memory is bought from other enduser, then the warranty is no longer covered. So, I guess if I buy it from eBay, warranty is not covered, right? Is there any condition under which memory bought from eBay would be covered?



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