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Voyager 2GB flash drive issues


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i bought my flash drive like 1 month ago and everything was working great until a few days ago. Either of my machines which both which used to get this to work wont even recognize that there is even a drive in there. i dont kno what to do cause ive never had an issues with corsair stuff yet but any suggestions would be a help..


my system specs are:


1.) amd 64 3500 CPU Newcastle

1gb ddr400 ram dual channel

chaintech vnf4-ultra mobo

80gb hdd ata 100 Seagate

X700 pro Ati pci express vid card


2.) amd sempron 3000 socket A

1gb dual channel ram

Abit nf7-s ver.2.0 mobo

160 gb Sata hdd WD

Nvidia 7800GS vid card AGP


i really dont think its my systems, but like i was saying any info would be appreciated...




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