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Ram Relabeling?


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I am wondering if I have 512 Corsair RAM which has been relabeled as 1 GB.


MB: ASUS "P5AD2 Premium" 925X Chipset Motherboard For Intel LGA 775 CPU org with CORSAIR VALUESELECT Kit 240-Pin 2GB(2 x 1GB) DDR2 PC2-4200, Model VS2GBKIT533D2.


When purchased, plan was to upgrade in future to two more 1GB sticks to 4GB total. I did this today with another retail CORSAIR VALUESELECT Kit 240-Pin 2GB(2 x 1GB) DDR2 PC2-4200, Model VS2GBKIT533D2.


The system reports only 3 GB memory. The Corsair label on the stick is "correct", but what should the chips themselves say if these are actually 1 GB (vs 512 MB) sticks?


The other choice is that one of the sticks is bad - but are they not paired and so that the other would not be recognized as well?

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Thanks RamGuy


This afternoon had a bit more time than this morning, and trialing the sticks one at a time each seemed to work.


Was wondering about a bad slot on the MB & then got to thinking about past Windoz problems. As I noted that 3 sticks gave 3.072 GB, and adding the 4th bumped it to 3.200 GB (making that last 128 MB pretty expensive - though not compared to the $1000/MB I paid in 1984), so started wondering about an upper limit.


The ASUS site has as the #1 FAQ "I put in 4 GB, but it only sees 3"



The problem, according to ASUS, is that WXPP-32 cannot address this much memory (though when I bought the board from ASUS in 2004 and mentioned which OS I would be using and what my upgrade plans were this was NOT MENTIONED). They now suggest Linux or the W-64 to address 4 GB+.


Seems plausible, though still not entirely convinced, as BIOS also reports a max of 3.2 & seems as though BIOS should know how much memory is installed IF the MB can address it.


The only way to go any further into it with ASUS would be to file a tech request - for which they REQUIRE the MB SN and am not going to pull the system apart to get that.


So. That is the ASUS explanation - which, to my mind - leaves me wondering how XP could be influencing what BIOS reports. Will follow up the link that you gave.



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