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Bad Stick of VS512SDS400


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Yep, even I get bad hardware occasionally :) Too bad they fight back! Router (Linksys WRT54GX) leaped down from on top of a bookcase yesterday and hit me in the back of the head. Fortunately, I've got a hard head, and so I of course won, but it lost an antenna :(


Bought a WRT54GX2 today. HORRIBLE ping times just between desktop and the router for like 15 min, then it simply started working fine by itself. I didn't do squat! Guess the old router, with its last dying bit, told the new one not to mess with Wired :)



Anyway, got a pair of VS512SDS400 two and a half years ago or so. Haven't used my laptop in ages, but needed it to t/s the new router. Windows crashing left and right, BSODs. Tested one stick at a time in the same slot with Memtest86+ v1.65, first stick was fine, second started getting errors immediately. Yeppers, bad memory :)


Side note: timings for both sticks (when testing one at a time or both) show up as 2-3-2- in memtest. That's right, no Active to Precharge Delay (tRAS) value. Wewy wewy odd.


Ram Guy, RMA TIME! :)


For those curious, I've got a Compaq Presario X1050US.


Q: Gee Wired, why didn't you get what the Corsair Configurator recommends? (link)

A: Simple.


1. My model isn't listed, albeit the 1050CA is (link above), which is probably the canadian model name.

2. System Select didn't exist when I got my memory.

3. Corsair Configurator didn't exist either.

4. Ram Guy recommended it to me :)

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