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Problem with Flash Voyager 1GB


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Hey, I read a few articles on the net this week about booting Linux on a USB key. I decided to try such methods with my Flash Voyager (which is celebrating it's 1 year birthday tomorrow!).


The problem is that, whenver I boot up my BIOS menu to change the boot order; I have options to boot from USB HDD and USB KEY, but it doesn't specify the name of the device beside it.


The computer I am using is a laptop; Acer Travelmate 8204, so no specific motherboard information is available.


It works on the operating system though. And my laptop can boot from USB drives and devices (I have tried with other manufacturers and my external Floppy drive).


If there are no solutions to this problem that doesn't involve sending the key back to Corsair, then it is not a problem for me. I just thought it'd be neat to have another operating system option to boot from, from time to time.



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I am not clear on what the problem is? Are you saying the drive will not boot the system or you cannot figure out how to make if bootable?

If that is the question I would do a google search for "How to make a USB Flash Drive bootable with Linux" You will find a lot of posts and utilities to help you!

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I'm not too sure which one it would be; I've managed to put Linux (DamnSmallLinux) on the USB KEY with the instructions on their wiki. It just won't recognize itself in the BIOS, thus not booting at all.




When I put the key in my desktop machine, and enter the BIOS's boot priorty menu, I am given the option to boot from USB-HDD0, which is labeled 'Corsair Flash Voyager'. When I do the same with my laptop, I have options for the USB boot, but 'Corsair Flash Voyager' isn't showing up beside any of them.


Maybe this is a problem specific to the laptop?

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