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Bad stick of RAM


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About 2 or so weeks ago all the parts for my new computer came in from newegg in that bundle was a two gigs of RAM in the form of a two stick pack of Corsair XMS2 DDR2-5400 1 gig memory sticks. I put the computer together and fired it up. It woulden't boot. So I pulled out memory stick number two, it booted. So I tried the two sticks in the other set of ram slots, diden't boot. I pulled them both out and put the (assumed) bad stick alone and it did not boot. I tried every other combination only to come the conclusion that one of my two sticks is bad. Now my dilema is I need to get the stick replaced before my warranty goes up, but I don't want to loose use of my computer for a week+ to do it. I am now asking if it is possible to RMA the one bad stack instead of having to send both back?
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