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Have 2 ram sticks but can only use one!


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Hi, I a building a computer and am using

(eVGA 131-K8-NF44-AX Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 SLI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard) I am also using

Corsair XMS pc3200 2GB (1 x 2)

My problem is that I am unable to use both memory modules at the same time. I have tried in slot 1&3, 2&4 but the system only beeps once and then gain over and over again. The only way I can boot the system is by using one of the sticks. I have tried both (one at a time) and they both work. So what might be the problem?:confused:


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I also have the same problem as musicrequinto. Exact motherboard and memory. But my 2 1 gig sticks are placed in slots 3 & 4. One yellow and one blue. Manual says it will not boot if placed in 3 & 4. But i could not get it to boot in slots 1 & 3, or 2 & 4. Contacted evga and support says make sure voltage is set at 2.75v which already is. When sytem boots up, say single channel not dual. Any fix out there?


Specs: AMD Dual x2 4200+

EVGA Micro nforce 4

2 1 gig corsair xms pc3200

Antec 550 power supply

nvidia pcie 6600 gt



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