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Corsair Cool Pump RPM


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Seeing that you had posted this 3 hours ago, the noise increase every 5 seconds is now lounder than the local city ordinance and the local sherriff is knocking at your door. :bigeyes: lol. he-he


Have you looked at the flow in the tubing? Does it look normal? Or has the flow decrease as the pump noise increased? If this is the case, the pump could be dealing with cavitation issues. The pump or cooling loop will need to be purged.


If this isn't the case with the fluid flow, then check the PSU voltage running to the pump. The PSU should hold it's voltage within spec under load.


Finally, maybe the pump was operating toooo slow when you had got it. Now it's broken in and working fine? Just a guess on that one.


(knock-knock. Oh, hi sherriff. ... no, it's just a computer pump. ... Hey, why are you taking out that funny white jacket with the zipper in the back???) :eek:

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lol my bad i should have elaborated a little bit more about my situation. Its the Sudden increase of noise every five seconds that been happening (the pump is revving up and down around 4400 rpm to 5000 rpm). Hope this clears things up a bit more. But, no the fluid seems to be fine... and im sure PSU should be ok too. Maybe a way to set a certain speed the pump will run at?
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