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LGA775 - Hydrocool 200EX lives on!

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The Thermaltake Big Typhoon was the best investment I made. Why ? Because it's LGA775 mounting gear is perfect for my old and trusty Corsair Hydrocool 200EX unit which uses puny 1/4" OD tubing but still packs the cooling power to beat the Big Typhoon heatsink :biggrin:


The pictures:


First, a pic of the Hydrocool 200EX stock waterblock with 1/4" OD tubing and what I intend to do with Big Typhoon mounting gear for LGA775 socket. Yes 6mm inner diameter tubing .. puny but still effective for this :):


http://i4memory.com/reviewimages/cooling/cpu/Corsair/Hydrocool200EX_LGA775/html/thumbnails/thumb_Hydrocool_002.jpg http://i4memory.com/reviewimages/cooling/cpu/Corsair/Hydrocool200EX_LGA775/html/thumbnails/thumb_Hydrocool_004.jpg


Problem though is the waterblock has a thermal probe for displaying temps on Hydrocool 200EX and it's soldered to the top of the block making mounting uneven. So what to do ? Yup, Thermaltake again to the rescue with copper BGA ramsinks :laughing:


http://i4memory.com/reviewimages/cooling/cpu/Corsair/Hydrocool200EX_LGA775/html/thumbnails/thumb_Hydrocool_006.jpg http://i4memory.com/reviewimages/cooling/cpu/Corsair/Hydrocool200EX_LGA775/html/thumbnails/thumb_Hydrocool_007.jpg http://i4memory.com/reviewimages/cooling/cpu/Corsair/Hydrocool200EX_LGA775/html/thumbnails/thumb_Hydrocool_008.jpg


Much more even mounting surface now:


http://i4memory.com/reviewimages/cooling/cpu/Corsair/Hydrocool200EX_LGA775/html/thumbnails/thumb_Hydrocool_010.jpg http://i4memory.com/reviewimages/cooling/cpu/Corsair/Hydrocool200EX_LGA775/html/thumbnails/thumb_Hydrocool_012.jpg http://i4memory.com/reviewimages/cooling/cpu/Corsair/Hydrocool200EX_LGA775/html/thumbnails/thumb_Hydrocool_014.jpg http://i4memory.com/reviewimages/cooling/cpu/Corsair/Hydrocool200EX_LGA775/html/thumbnails/thumb_Hydrocool_019.jpg


Corsair Hydrocool 200EX lives on thanks to Thermaltake Big Typhoon and BGA copper ramsinks :cool:


http://i4memory.com/reviewimages/cooling/cpu/Corsair/Hydrocool200EX_LGA775/html/thumbnails/thumb_Hydrocool_022.jpg http://i4memory.com/reviewimages/cooling/cpu/Corsair/Hydrocool200EX_LGA775/html/thumbnails/thumb_Hydrocool_026.jpg http://i4memory.com/reviewimages/cooling/cpu/Corsair/Hydrocool200EX_LGA775/html/thumbnails/thumb_Hydrocool_028.jpg http://i4memory.com/reviewimages/cooling/cpu/Corsair/Hydrocool200EX_LGA775/html/thumbnails/thumb_Hydrocool_030.jpg


Full pics at http://i4memory.com/reviewimages/cooling/cpu/Corsair/Hydrocool200EX_LGA775/html/


How's it performing ?


Corsair Hydrocool 200EX with TT Big Typhoon LGA775 mount

CPU bios idle = 31-32C idle in bios (that's 5-8C cooler than Big Typhoon)

CPU windows idle = 24-25C (that's 7-8C cooler than Big Typhoon)

CPU load = 36-39C (that's a full 8-11C cooler than Big Typhoon)


@3750Mhz at 1.5v

Big Typhoon idle = 45-48C room temp = 24.5C

Big Typhoon load = 82-83C room temp = 24.5C


Hydrocool 200EX idle = 34-36C room temp = 21.5C

Hydrocool 200EX load = 65-66C room temp = 21.5C

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Yeah i have 2x hydrocools love units they are now that i have s939 to s478 adaptor for s939 use and now LGA775 support :D


So far nice improvement.. managed to increase my clock from Big Typhoon @3865mhz to Hydrocool 200EX @3878mhz and cut 2.703 seconds of my personal best 32M time :D


Yeah if they turned the nautilus on it's head and made the unit vertical would look better and more space saving :)


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Hydroocool 200EX still kicking on DFI ICFX3200 RD600


Brisbane is just too hot for even Tuniq 120 Tower air cooling, so swapped in my trusty Corsair Hydrocool 200EX water cooling unit (1/4" OD tubed). The Hydrocool 200EX doesn't have LGA775 mount kit as it's a s478 era cooler. But thanks to Tuniq 120 Tower backplate and mounting screws and Thermaltake Big Typhoon mount bracket and ramsinks I can continue to use Corsair Hydrocool 200EX :)


As you can see room temp today was currently 29.5C with a peak of 37.6C and that is with 1HP portable air con turned on :eek:






So far looks like 4-6C cooler idle temps and 6-9C cooler load temps compared to Tuniq 120 Tower stock fan air cooling :)

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Great work! I like the pictures that show it too. :biggrin:


It's hard to find a total liquid cooling solution right out of the box with all of the features the HydroCool has these days. To purchase something like it would cost far more than what it was a few years back.


Yes, if you take a few measurements, anyone could develop hold-down hardware for a cold-plate. A local run to the hardware store or on-line is an easy thing to do.





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Very cool stuff Eva2000. I recently adapted my Hydrocool to use on my DFI+AM2 FX-62 setup. The Hydrocool block design and the newer Nautilus 500 block design are very similiar so, I used the Nautilus 500 hold down on the Hydrocool. The Nautilus block is slightly thicker than the Hydrocool so I used some slightly thicker foam to adapt. My CPU is OEM and I have no air cooling to compare but, the Hydrocool does a wonderful job.



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I signed up just to post this reply :)


Yes I know its 14 years ago this was last replied on.


I'm still using my Hydrocool in 2021, I have an Overclocked 6700k Skylake running 4.7Ghz.


Obviously it doesn't fit so it is simply tie wrapped to the motherboard. Works a treat!


Who knew a HydroCool from 2002 would be used in the same PC as a 3080RTX GPU :)




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