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TWINXP2048-3200C2 1 Dimm not working


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A8N32-SLI Deluxe


I think I now now why my computer was not running as I expected... and it freezes all the time also. I just bought these a some months ago and were "working" before... my system recognized them.


Today I noticed there's only 1GB of memory; Corsair Memory Dashboard also detects only one dimm. One Activity LED doesn't display any info-activity... only the blue Corsair-logo is light-up. The other memory LED displays "normal" (as before). see pic.


should I get an RMA?


Thank you


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Hello wired,


I just did what you told me and motherboard turn on but... my monitor doesn't, so no video and same thing with the LED "no activity or info display", just the blue corsair logo is on.


Now I moved the good memory where the bad one was originally (Slot A1) and computer turns on fine.


Should I try anything more?

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