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Problem with EPOX 5LDA+ GLI and 4 x VS1GB533D2 (Only shows 2882560K in BIOS)


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Hi all,


My problem it's with my M/B EPOX 5LDA+ GLI and four Corsair 1 GB DDR 2 533 Mhz (VS1GB533D2). On BIOS only shows 2882560K.


In the M/B manual for talks about it support 8GB


My memory setting in bios is 4-4-4-12


Can anyone tell me something about how to configure my BIOS to get 4GB


Best Regards



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Try one stick at a time to make sure they all show up as the correct sizes first.


Their manual is misleading.


4 slots, each one supporting up to 1 GB devices, yet it says it supports up to 8 GB memory size.

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