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Reboots and crashes, TwinX2048-400PT

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I just put this new memory in my ASUS A8N5X. The system is new and was stable with the old GXXX memory. At first it booted fine at stock settings, ASUS reported with AUTO latency of 3,3,3,8. With the stock settings, the memory is running at 200MHz, way under specs. I ran Prime95 and instantly got ILLEGAL SUMOUT errors. I went to the BIOS and changed the latency to 3,4,4,8 to see if that was it. When I reboot, it now gets to the desktop and then reboots as soon as my ASUS PC Probe utility loads. What now?


Added: When I reinstall the GXXX, the system has no problems. I also tried reseating the Corsair in the other two dual slots; no luck. Below is the fatal error generated by the Corsair which caused the system crash:


Error code 00000024, parameter1 001902fe, parameter2 b576951c, parameter3 b5769218, parameter4 ba630877.


Additional Info: I deleted and reinstalled PC Probe, set it to not statr at boot up, reinstalled the Corsair and got to a desktop without crashes and reeboots. My main question now is what is going on with Prime95? My old GXXX memory had no problem with Prime95. Corsair fails within seconds. I am going back to the BIOS now and make sure I have USB Legacy shut off. Nope, not the problem. Legacy USB is disabled.


Well, I just ran Memtest86+ 1.55, and it generated thousands or errors within seconds. That cannot be good. Certainly a disappointment right out of the box.


I assume I will need and RMA and some sort of prepaid mailing label to get this exchanged.


Thanks in advance.

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FYI they don't send prepaid labels. Assuming an RMA is approved, you pay to ship it to them, they pay to ship it back to you.


What voltage are you running the memory at?


I tried 2.7 and 2.75. Both were the same. I have identified the DIMM of the two that is the problem. As soon as Memtest86 started it generated so many errors that the screen became a blur. I have never seen such an obviously bad module. It is amazing it passed any kind of quality control, much less the matching they do for dual memory kits. Needless to say, it is on the way back and I know the first test I will be running when the replacements come.


At least I know it is compatible. :laughing:

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