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Problems with 133x 2GB SD Card


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Hi all,


First post here, but I've had a look around and not found this covered anywhere so..


About a year ago (roughly) I got a 2GB Corsair SD card, it worked just great for a while, and then some plastic from the top right corner (the one that isn't square) broke off (seemed to be just from regular day to day use, I didn't smash the card into anything or anything like that), after that the card started falling apart, and the insides started to be able to come out.


So I got in touch with Corsair, got an RMA, returned it, and was very pleased (and somewhat surprised) when they replaced it with a brand new card free of charge, what fantastic service I thought.


Well, now we are about 2 months later, and the replacement just started doing the same thing? I noticed some little bits of plastic around my PC last night, and then this morning when I checked I found that the corner was broken and that the top and bottom are beginning to come apart?


Is this a known issue with these cards? Could it be what I'm using the card in (my laptop Acer 8204 and my Sanyo VPC-C5 camera) could it be something else? I've owned a number of SD cards over the last 5 years and never had a problem with any of them other than this.


Anyone have advice? I mean I can probably submit another RMA and get another replacement, but I'm now worried that a) Corsair will start to not replace it thinking that I'm doing something to break them, and also that b) any replacement is just going to break again.

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