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Intermittent 1GB FlashVoyager

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Purchased 1GB FlashVoyager on 24May2005. It was working flawlessly until ~2 months ago when it developed a strange "write error" -- while writing data to the drive, the machine it was plugged into locked up, never recovered (after 30 minutes!), and I ended up powering down the machine. Plugging the drive into another machine was futile, because it was now showing as "RAW" filesystem.


I attempted to recover the data for a week, but ultimately reformatted the drive. Drive worked well for another month, forgot about the problem, but then it happened in another machine.


Now it is a regular (weekly?) occurence -- while writing to the drive, it stops writing (no activity indicator flashing) though the computer is still attempting to write, causing a system freeze -- it is not logistically possible to remove the flash drive from the computer without corrupting the data/partition, and shutting the computer down is not an option because same thing ultimately happens, corrupt partition!


When it decides to work it works great, but when it decides to hiccup, it corrupts the entirety of the device -- recovery is possible, but takes entirely too much time (and takes another flash drive to carry all of the software, defeating the purpose...)


Please help?

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