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BSOD with Asus A8V Deluxe and Twin 3200XL


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My system has been running like a dream since it was built 2 years ago... until yesterday! Numerous programs started crashing or generating errors and causing BSOD/restarts. I decided to rip everything out (leaving MB, Graphics Card, DVD Drive, Hard Drive) and re-install Windows.

During the Windows install I recieved a number of warnings saying some files could not be copied and to check the CD.

I managed to get through this stage and Windows started installing.

When installing Windows you may have noticed the screen will briefly go black around 4 or 5 times? Its at this point I started getting the following BSOD errors:


STOP: 0x0000008E



These seem to be either graphics or memory related so I swapped the graphics card. same result.

I have one x512-3200XL in the 1st blue DIMM slot and another in the 2nd slot. I removed the DIMM from the 2nd slot and tried the Windows install again. Windows has now installed succesfully and ran for an hour without a problem.


I have set my BIOS to default settings and cleared the CMOS.


I haven't yet had chance to remove the DIMM in the 1st slot and replace it with the DIMM from the 2nd slot.


Is there anything else I can try or is it looking like a problem with the stick from the 2nd slot?



P.S. My CPU is an AMD 3500xp.

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