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To run 4*1 GB


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With the recent AMD price dump I am planning to give my old MSI K8N Diamond some more umph with a x2 4600+ and more memory.

I am running XP-64 so I should be able to see all 4 GB.


And why do I consider all that memory you might ask: BF2, Visual Studio, SQL server etc...


But I am a bit hesitant to go for 4 GB as the manual states: Dual-sided RAM in all slots can only run at DDR333. Single-sided RAM in all slots can run at DDR400.


But some people say that it is only a limitation for the pre-venice CPUs.


So to avoid any penalties (DDR400->DDR333, 1T->2T, etc) do I still have to find thoose single sided sticks?


I have been looking to find this info but it is often not possible to find this information at e.g Corsair and ex. the Corsair TWINX2048-4000PT I found a test on a site where they stated that it is double sided; the product sheet states that it is 2 banked?!! is that the same?

But it also states that the TWINX2048-4000PT is available in single modules; but then what is the part number?!


So I need advice...




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Unfortunately, under your desired performance conditions you will be limited to 2GB maximum. This is because all 1GB unbuffered DDR1 modules (which are the only kind your system supports) are double-sided.


In addition, regardless of the maximum practical memory clockspeed, you will have to use a 2T command rate setting if you use four double-sided modules since 1T will result in an unstable system under such conditions.

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Although there's no guarantee, I wouldn't say it's not possible to run 4x1 GB at DDR-400 and 1T. It might depend on your motherboard and specific CPU but I've been running 4x1 GB of Twinx2048-3200C2 @ DDR-410 2.5-3-2-5 1T for about 4 months now under constant heavy computational load with no problems. In fact, it was more stable and I could get better timings running at 1T than at 2T. The default for four sticks is indeed DDR-333 and 2T but you should be able to change those setting in BIOS.
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So the results and experiences differs... nothing new there.

OK so my one and only option when it comes to 4 GB is to find a good CAS2 stick; cross my fingers and start fidling ... and if lucky I might even hit 400/1T by relaxing on the timings e.g. CAS -> 2.5 or 3... and live with the results!!


I can live with those odds...


Thanks all

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