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Asus P4C800-E deluxe w/ VS1GBkit problems


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I've had my machine for a couple of years and it has run flawlessly - literally has frozen up no more than a few times since I bought it. About a month ago I purchased a "VS1GBKIT400" to add to the 1gb (exact same type) I had already. As soon as I started using it the system began spontaneously rebooting during intensive Photoshop work.


I blew all the dust out of the slots and reseated everything - still crashing. I tried swapping slots with the old chips which hadn't ever been touched, making sure that each pair was in its own colored slot (old pair: black slots / new pair: blue slots). I also double checked to make sure the model numbers were identical to the original chips and they were. Still completely unstable.


I ran memtest86 overnight and it didn't find a single error. Right now I have the new pair removed and the system is fine.


After looking around on here it sounds like I should have gone with TwinX or something from the beginning, but I'm stuck with this pair now since it's too late to return.


Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

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Thanks a lot for the suggestions so far Mike. I've put the modules back in and changed the settings as you recommended. The DIMM voltage is actually set at 2.75V. I left the burst length set at 8 - should that be alright?


I'll be doing some Photoshop work tonight and tomorrow so I'll see how things go.

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