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bad module


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I purchased 2 VS512MB400 Modules about 3 months ago. The other day I turned it on and the machine started rebooting just after the Windows XP logo. Upon reloading I had tons of issues. I then pulled one of the modules. I was able to reload the OS and apps without issue. To test the module, I replaced it and rebooted. The machine again rebooted just after the Logo screen. I pulled the module again and the machine came up, it also brought up the system32 folder and stated the registry had to recover from a problem, the recovery was sucessful. I will not be putting this module back into my system.


Here are the numbers from the module:




MSI 865PE-Neo2-V


Spd settings in the bios match the Corsair website.


The remaining module is located in Dimm1 and I tried the other stick in Dimm 2 and 3.


Any help would be appreciated.

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