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Memtest errors


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Specs to start off with:

AMD 3800+ (S939)

TWINX2048-4000PT (2x1GB) 2.6V


Hiper 580W PSU



I'm having some problems with software and games closing down randomly without any errors. Some days i don't have any problems and some days i have to restart my pc a few times to get the programs running. I ran numerous tests looking for the possible problem and i think i got to the problem when i ran the latest memtest.


The default timings when left on auto are 3-4-4-10-2T. I manually set it to 3-4-4-8-1T @ 250MHZ as this memory is suppose to be able to handle these timings.


Memtest prompts me to run two simultanious test as this is a 2GB configuration. So while running the the simultanious tests of 871MB each the first one gives an error around 171% and the second test gives some errors between 23% and 30%.


Could this be because of the motherboard not being able to run these timings or am i looking at possible faulty memory?


Thanks in advance!

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