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TWINX2048-3200PRO was booting normally for 6 months - now it just isn't!


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Ok... i believe i'm screwed, but here we go..


6 months ago (around november 2005, so more than that actually) I bought TWINX2048-3200PRO. It was working wonders on my Pentium 4 2.8 mhz with Intel 865PERL on dual channel.


Then, today, suddenly, out of no where and with no warning, my computer just froze. Completly. Black screen and all.. Looked at the computer, and both ram leds where only with the first 2 green leds light up.


I found it strange, booted... nothing. Both leds light up completly, one lights down to just 2 first green leds, then the second does the same.


I got a little worried, so i started exchanging slots... Nothing. They both light up, then they go down to 2 first green leds, one stick at a time. So i removed one of them sticks and voila, computer booted. Put both sticks back in, no deal.


Removed the stick that works, tried the other one that's apparnetly giving me problems, and again, the light up entirely/goes to 2 green leds dealio.


My only other computer that accepts DDR memory only runs them at 233 (sucks, i know), but i tried them on it anyway. The "faulty" module wont get recognized on the first ram module. But works with any combination of ram sticks, as long as the "faulty" one (that wont even boot on my good computer) is not on the priomary slot.


From what i gathered in these forums, i'm eligible for a RMA. But the deal is: I bought these RAM Modules on newegg.com while i was making a visit to the United States. Now, i'm back in Brazil. If i indeed need to RMA them (i can't think of anything else to do. I even cleaned them up. I'll try to find another good mobo that accepts 400 ddr dual channel and see what goes on, but i don't have much faith), can i still RMA them from here?


BTW, i'm using the "good" module to post this...

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Yes and I would suggest you send them as one Twinx set and get them both replaced as a set so they both match. Other wise the system you have my not run properly if both modules are not matched.
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