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Water Cooling - Effect on MB Temps?


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I plan to buy a Nautilus 500 and install it on;


ASUS A8R32-MVP Deluxe

Opteron 175 (OC to 2.750?)

LianLi PC-61 with beefed up fans and two 80mm side panel fans (over PCI slots).


This MB of course has a passive NB heatsink and I am concerned that the MB and or NB temps may get too high without an active CPU cooler blowing on them.


Any experienced opinions on this? Thanks.

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I have found that case cooling to some degree is still needed with a water block on the CPU. I went from from 5 fans when air cooled to 2 WC. One on the top to exhaust heat from the case and one on the side blowing air into the case onto the vid card.


Now that I have a heater called the Nvidia 7950 GX2, I may need to add one more fan, still testing though.

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