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VS512MB400 RMA Request

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New 512MB RAM module installed into new build (by itself) failing Ultra-X QuickTechPro extended memory tests. http://www.uxd.com Replaced with different VS512MB400 module: worked fine, and passed hardware diagnostics. Modules purchased from ZipZoomFly.com, but out of their warranty. Requesting RMA# or can fill out RMA request with Ticket#/PostID# if given the go-ahead.


I also wanted to mention that I'm back to using these forums for Corsair RMA comfirmations because after being pointed towards Tech Support Express, I used it once and it denied my claim automatically. I was asked a number of significant troubleshooting questions, but after I had been asked more than enough of these to point to a definite bad RAM module and qualify for an RMA, it asked me one more question to which one of the answers was something along the lines of "I'm a certified PC technician and know what I am doing. This is definitely a bad stick of RAM, just give me an RMA number." While I found this suspiciously straight-forward, I picked it anyway because guess what, it was right on the money. I think getting my RMA denied for that, after the previous answers were more than enough to confirm the problem, was ridiculously ignorant. I had to call up Corsair tech support and they were kind enough to give an RMA# right away. I don't mean to rant (ok, maybe I do) and I don't know who wrote the script, but I wouldn't point anyone towards that thing, especially technicians who do, in fact, know what they're doing and have already spent bench time testing a module. :p:

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