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Bad Memory


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Computer was working fine for three months.

Then it would not boot up. No hardware changes. No bios updates, etc. Nothing changed.

I replaced the motherboard and video card (seperatly). Same problem. Reformatted hard drive, still the computer would not boot.

Finally, I sat there, with the PSU pluged into the mobo, with one stick of ram, the video card, and after 15 seconds (or so, i was completly out of ideas) the computer booted. I swapped RAM's nothing. Both RAMs. nothing. Back to the single, it works fine.

The computer will not boot with the bad ram, or both sticks of ram.

I would simply RMA the RAM to newegg, but I have already had my computer "down" and not working for returns on the motherboard and videocard.

How can I get this one stick of RAM replaced?






Thank you,


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Memory works in another system!


But I had an early raid time last night, so I didn't get to test it back in my system.


Going to pull the cmos battery and try it. Then perhaps flash the mobo bios. After that, RAM the motherboard, again.

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