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1 of 2 CMX512-C2PT may have gone bad

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Asus P4C-800E Deluxe Motherboard

2 x CMX512-C2PT TWINX Modules

P4E 2.8GHz (No overclocking, stock speed)

Antec 380W PSU

XFX GeForce 5900XT AGP card


This system has been running for a few years without issue. Yesterday it would not post. After resetting the CMOS with no results, pulling one stick of RAM at a time resulted in POST with one identified stick in any primary RAM slot. 2nd stick resulted in (1) no post, or (2) POST then freeze in BIOS setup, or (3) after entering windows system would go to a black screen after a few min with no system response. This would follow with no POST if system reset. This occured with 2nd stick in any RAM slot or combination with first stick.


System is running with no changes to voltages or overclocking. Ram timings and voltages have been set to AUTO (and SPD) for the last two years without a problem.


The first stick is running fine by itself and I've played games, burned some DVDs, etc., with no problems. Memtest runs without issue.


On the 2nd stick, on the two times I have managed to get into windows the system has gone to a black screen with no response after only a few min each time. Thus, I cannot run ram tests.


I've tried upping the RAM voltage a few times when I could get into the BIOS, however, each time it froze in the BIOS setup.


I was just going to order another single stick of the CMX512-C2PT from newegg, but thought I would try and see how the warranty coverage works first.

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As an update, I tried the 'bad' stick in my wife's system yesterday, also with no post. The interesting thing with that try is the system gave the code for a bad or missing CPU with that stick of RAM in place.


The 2nd system for reference:


Asus P4S-533 (Sis chipset)

-All performance settings at 'auto'.

-No voltage adjustments in use for RAM or CPU

P4A 1.6GHz

Ram timing (by SPD or at least that is what is was set to before I dropped in the 'bad' stick) (RAM being used in that system is currently Mushkin Performance DDR2100 2-2-2)

160GB Samsung HDD


If RAMGUY or anyone else has an idea, great. Otherwise, please let me know if I should now go ahead and submit for an RMA.


Thank you.

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I rec'd what appear to be two brand new modules (TWINX1024-3200C2PT) this morning. Version # XMS3202 v5.2. Not sure what the version number was on my two year old mudules. (No testing summary, just the new modules)


Let me say that is some blazing fast turn-around time!! That has to be the fastest RMA/replacement process I have ever experienced.


Thanks, Ram Guy!

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