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VS1GB667D2 (Value Select 2x1024) and K9N SLI Platinum


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I have the above listed setup, with an athlon 64 3800+ for processing. I have read several threads listing compatibility probs with this motherboard. The system crashes, hangs, or BSOD's on loading to RAM. Ram tests (memtest / return to vendor) show the ram to be error free, but using ECC server ram 2x256 MB, the system runs fine. Using this ram I installed and configured XP, change back to the Corsair, no go again.


I have tried underclocking the ram and different channel configurations to no avail. The single core processor should support the 667 mhz ram, and the motherboard is rated to 400/667/800 MHz.


Changing the timing mode causes the system to begin loading windows, with the blue progress bar, then I get a black screen w/mouse cursor, followed shortly by reboot. This is better than before, but still not booting :mad:


Any help or advice? New BIOS? New RAM?


The RAM model in particular is not listed on the compatibility database, so no good there.



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