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I believe I have a defective part

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Approximately 11 months ago, I purchased two 1GB PC3200 DDR ValueSelect DIMMs (the sticker on the module says "VS1GB400C3"). Last night, I experienced numerous bluescreens in Windows. Until this particular moment last night, my computer had been rock-solid stable. I ran Memtest86+, and experienced numerous errors (well over 10000) in the span of a few minutes. After testing each stick individually, I found that one stick experienced errors whereas one did not. After testing with some known good RAM, I have determined that one of the above-mentioned modules is faulty and requires RMA.


Other relevant information:


AMD Athlon 64 3200+, Venice core (socket 939)

DFI NF4-DAGF motherboard

BIOS settings were set to factory default (I reset them before performing tests)

Leadtek WinFast Geforce 6600GT


Before I performed tests, I also unhooked all of my storage drives except for the CD drive from which I booted Memtest86+.


Assistance in this matter would be much appreciated.

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