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POST Never Starts

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I turned on my PC two days ago and it didn't even start to POST, although it looked alive as the LEDs on the MOBO were flashing, fans spinning etc.


After much investigation I swapped out the VS512MB400 memory module for another one I has spare and it works fine with that one. I've swapped back in the original and it still fails to POST, so it looks like one of my modules has gone bad.


All the BIOS settings are on Auto


I originally got two sets of these modules to setup in Dual Channel mode, but that kept failing (PC Reboot), they did work together in single channel mode for a while, but even then started failing (usually when the mem. usage was high) so I removed one and went down to a single module which has worked for a couple of weeks until that module failed. So I'm down to one good module !!

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