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MSI K9N SLI Platinum help


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I am having issues where I can not POST. I have tested the equipment in every possible manner imaginable (in & out of case, RAM sticks in every slot combination, different PSU, even a different stick of RAM just for testing (K-Byte 512MB PC4200), barebones –CPU/GPU & RAM only) still will not POST, powers ON for 5+ seconds and shuts down at the same spot every time. The little D-Link indicators show it at the BIOS sign-on just before shutting down the board. I finally RMA’d the board, received replacement and same issues.


This has got to be a compatibility issue with the RAM (most likely – based on tons of reports on memory issues with current BIOS with these boards) or possibly a bad CPU. Of course I have no other boards to test either this RAM or this CPU in. And since I can’t POST I am unable to update the BIOS as others have had success with this.


Ok, so obviously I am frustrated and I am willing to get different RAM if it will work, and then return the OCZ. However, with shipping delays, restocking fees, etc, I need to know this will work before ordering. What I would like to know is if the TWIN2X2048-6400 or the TWIN2X2048-5400c4 will work in this MSI board without the need to update the BIOS first. If so, I will order some today and return the OCZ.


Next question would be on 667 vs 800. From what I have gathered between countless support forums, the single core AM2 chips will work with 800 but only @ 667 speed. That said, since I plan on grabbing a X2 dual core chip probably within 6 months or so, then would I be better off grabbing 800 MHz now, clock to 667 and then I could use it at 800 later when I go to a dual core? Would I be better sticking with the 667 RAM with the lower latency from a performance standpoint and if so, would it be a significant difference? I’m trying to get the most out of my system as I do not upgrade frequently and want the most forward-compatibility as I can get. Right now with rebate the 800 is actually cheaper by a few bucks so price isn’t the issue between these two sets.


Any help is much appreciated as this system is now 2 weeks old and still in pieces on the table.


Thank you

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