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Bad PC6400-PRO DDR2 XMS2 ??????


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When I put both 1 gig sticks on the mobo the system tries to boot but the screen goes black and I cant see what is happening. I then tried one stick by themselves and one stick works fine and goes to windows and is stable. However when I put the other 1 gig stick in by itslef the screen say no video input and I cant see the post screen or anything and the computer just sits there. Seems to me that this would indicate a bad stick. These are brand new sticks and I have never got bad sticks when they were brand new. Is is better to send the sticks back to Zipzoomfly or send them back to Corsair? Which is faster? Or is my assumption incorrect? Please post a reply in what I should do. Thanks.


Here are the components:

ASUS m2N32-SLI deluxe

Corsair PC6400-Pro DDR2 XMS2 800mhz 1024x2

BFG Geforce Nividia 7950gtx

Ultra ATX 600watt Sli ready power supply

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