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TwinX2048-3200 Replaced & prevention(?)

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I had a TwinX 2048-3200 matched pair in running in my system for only 4 months before what seemed like a complete system melt-down. Blue-screen after error after shutdown. So, after checking all sorts of other stuff I took both sticks out and checked each with memtest86. It showed many errors on one stick and none on the other.


I brought them in to the store where I bought them. They recieved errors in their test as well, so they replaced them on the spot. That's good, but I still wonder a bit.


Was this just luck of the draw? Or is my system damaging the RAM? I don't want it to happen again. Is there any way to ensure that the system isn't damaging any hardware? Heat? Anything like that?


I have the RAM timings set at like the specs suggest and i'm supplying 2.7 V.


General specs of my PC:


Thermaltake Purepower 480W (Xaser III) PSU


AMD Athalon 64 X2 +4800

ATI All in Wonder X1800XL (3.33 volts)


And, as a note, the ASUS manual instructs you to use only slots A1 and B1 for running just two sticks in Dual Channel. However, i just get beeps when installed there. If I use slots A2 and B2 it works fine now...the same slots I was using when the old stick went bad. I'll contact ASUS about that, but thought I'd mention it here. If I use just one stick only slot B1 works.


Many thanks

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I realize my post was a bit 'wordy' but you misunderstood. I had them replaced, which is good, and now I want to make sure that my system doesn't burn out a 2nd set. Any wisdom on prevention? Or was it just chance that the stick went bad after less than 4 months of use?
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The best thing you could do is get a bigger better PSU from what you have posted so far!


Suggestions? There isn't much price difference between a 600 or 650 W...I assume there's plenty of power there.


Should I perhaps pay more attention to system cooling?


Thanks for the reply.

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I would do a search for some of the reviews on PSU's I think you will get a lot out of what they have to say. Price is not always the first concern.

And system cooling is always biggie as well. Especially if you live in a warm climate.

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