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CMX512-3200XLPT gone screwy


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I have been running some TwinX Dual Channel memory on my rig for quite some time with no problems. Being a loyal Corsair customer, I added another Gigabyte of 2 x 512 CM512-3200XLPT and got them to run in Dual Channel; again with no issues. However, after some time I started experiencing program errors, blue screens (with and without messages), random restarts, and poor software performance.


I initially thought it was a problem with drivers, then a hard drive error. I attempted to reinstall every driver for my system (chipset, sound, video, directX) as well as scandisk, defrag,moved my swap to a different drive, delete my temp files (everything besides a full reinstall of Windows) and even changed my SATA cable but the errors continued. The whole time, my system monitoring showed temperatures in the green as well as voltage rails.


I then downloaded and burned the .iso of Memtest 86 and tested all four modules independently in each memory bank at 2,3,2,6 and the motherboard default and found that one of the CM512-3200XLPT displayed 20k + errors. I believe I am looking at a bad RAM module here. At the moment I am running the dual channel set and the working CM512-3200XLPT and haven't had an issue so far.


Since it has been beyond 30 days since I purchased the memory from the retailer, they referred me to Corsair. I was hoping to get an RMA and, if possible an RMA for the second module in order to get a matched pair in return.


Thanks for your help. I await your further instruction.

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Thanks for the reply,


I had left memtest on overnight to find a single error after 5 passes with ther modules I thought were OK. I will provide the info you requested as soon as I get home which will be about 1 hour. I am going to have to go back to square 1 testing-wise unfortunately.

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The modules in question are a pair of CMX512-3200XLPT (XMS3208 v1.1)

My motherboard is an Intel D865GBF

CPU is a Pentium 4 3.0 Northwood 800FSB running at 3.0 MHz


There is no setting for the CPU except for default or burn-in mode, but I have never chosen the latter option. It is and always has run at 3.0 MHz. The memory was set in Dual Channel mode with the timings 2-3-2-6. For testing I reverted to 2-3-3-7.


I did more extensive testing today and it looks like the same results as yesterday. Memtest has a lot of errors for one of the modules while the rest have no errors. Everything on my PC is running at stock at the moment.


Let me know what other information you require.

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These modules have a minimum suggested voltage of 2.75 Volts, did you set the memory voltage?


I am running them on an Abit IC7-G I set the memory to 1.75v and SPD timings with the bios defaults and the one stick still shows errors. Is there anything else you want me to do to test the ram?

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