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Platinum series dual channel - failed.

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Firstly I have read so many threads now I have a headache. I don't want to appear like I have posted incorrectly and it has taken 2 hours of my time to find this site today..Thanks to the company I bought this off last year. (Who I shall not be buying from again).


I purchased a Dual channel set of DDr400 Corsair modules late last year (i'm pretty sure) But as with most of my reciepts I cannot find the reciept. So the company I bought them off is NOT interested. There is a lesson to be learned there.


Anyways - all was working well, then for some unexplained reason my main drive decided it was too old and fell over.


No problems. Replaced it.


Re-installed XP and got this error STOP 0x0000008E (0x000000005,0xbf869f22,0xf9470688,0x000000000)


Which when visiting their site says: either Catroot2 folder is not correctly deleted or memory does not work !


So I put memtest 86 in the CD drive and fired it up...Multiple mass errors on one of the sticks of 512.


I visited Corsair Website, they have RMA forms, but they only cover the US of A. it will not accept any UK states (not that we have any).


Please can someone help me, I feel that I am now running on half steam and some of the applications I run are not as fast.


Again I am sorry if I missed anything - I have been trying to sort this now for most of the day, I have spent 2 hours on the phone and god knows how many forms I have filled in....




Ken - losing faith

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Hi Guys..


MANY MANY THANKS (Yes in caps)


This is what I call support.


After dealing with microdirect (yes I have named them) I will no longer be spending money in their shop.


HOWEVER I will be buying Corsair in EVERY PC I build.


I used your forms and emailed Corsair, I know there is a time difference between the US and UK, but getting a response 14 minutes after you send one is exceptional.


The email gave me an RMA number, where to send it and that they have a 24/48 hour turn around.


To be honest if it takes two weeks I'd still be impressed.


I was seriously starting to doubt the warranty on the box, but faith has been restored (and some).


Again, thanks to you guys here for your fast response to.


Best regards



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I live in the UK so I sent an email asking how it was going, giving my details.


The reply I got:




For your return please reference:


RMA Number: R141XXX

Part Number: CMX1024-3200PT

Number of modules: 1


RMA Return Address:


Corsair Memory, Inc.

RMA Dept. #R141010

46221 Landing Parkway

Fremont, CA 94538


Please keep a record of your returning tracking number(s) for

verification of delivery.

Your replacement(s) will ship out in 24-48 hours from the time we

receive your package.

Thank-you for choosing Corsair Memory! We look forward to supporting all

of your future memory needs!




Customer Service - RMA Dept.








Doesnt really say if they have even recieved the module or what has happened.


AND it is exactly the same as the first email they sent me, so I presume they have standard emails - which is fine.


So first thing this morning I sent:




Can you confirm that you have or have not recieved the stick of memory I sent via Airmail ?








Do you think that would get any results?


From their intital email they gave the impression that they have a very fast turn around. If I sent the module 18/7/06 via Airmail it would have easily been there and dealt with by now. (One would hope). Unless they sent a replacement via land-sea post - in which case I'll be waiting a WHOLE lot longer.


Regards and thanks



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Wonderful - can take upto 3 months to close royal mail investiagtion.


Cant submit 'lost-missing' form for 25 working days..So looks like I might get my dual channel up and working just intime for Christmas..


Wonders why Corsair DOESNT have a UK collection point..Would make buying Corsair memory a much more viable option.

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Ummm, k.


I have now sent 2 emails to Corsair re 48hour turn around...


First 4/8/06 :


Hi Tina,


I have attached a copy of the certificate of posting 20/7/06.


I will contact the POst office here and see what is needed to get insurance. The item was sent Airmail to yourselves as you can see.


I may need you to help me with a claim, if the post office requires additional information.


Many thanks for your help (again)




And then this one 14/8/06:


Hi Tina,


Can you confirm that the memory has NOT turned up yet.


If not I can start an investigation with the UK postal system.


Many thanks





As of today 15/8/06 niether have been replied to. I cannot proceed with postal investigation UNTIL the recipient has definately confirmed NO delivery.


Would be nice to have a courtesy email - EVEN if it says 'looking into it'.


Starting to doubt Corsairs policies and guarantees.





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