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Compatibilty with: Apple G5 Quad , TWINX22048-5400C4


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We have a Power Mac G5 Quad here and we've just installed 4GB of TWIN2X2048-5400C4 into the machine.


We are observing that in system profiler that the corsair memory is only running at 3200 speed. The original Mac 512MB that came with the system runs at 4200. We've tried removing the original mac memory and found that the Corsair still does not want to clock up to 4200.


When 4.5GB of RAM are installed, the 4GB of CORSAIR and the 512MB of Apple Memory, the 4GB of Corsair runs at 3200 and the 512 of apple runs at 4200.


Is this RAM incompatible with the Power Mac G5 Quad?





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All memory in a system runs at the same speed; they cannot run at different speeds. Does that utility read the SPD chip and not the actual speed of the memory?


Note: Last time I checked, Corsair doesn't test any of their XMS memory in Apple computers.


Didn't see any Quad systems listed:



Corsair System Select memory is recommended for Apple systems.

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