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high temps help!


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I bought the corsair cool water and installed it on my socket 775 pentium 4 3.6 ghz..

my idle temp = 49 degrees and my full load = 57 , degrees.. (with open case) to my knowledge its very high... the room temp = about 34 degrees...

I installed it correctly , I even changed the fan and put 2 silverstone's 110

cfm fans on the radiator...

what else could be the problem? please help.. i've tried everything.. its not


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check your mounting/re-mount WB use the supplied T.I.M. ? or can use

Arctic Silver Ceramique.

note the center is the input while should have the out port to the highest location(to ceiling) in tower (verticle) set-up

can check for Air Pockects in the rad, WB, just burp it well, also what order are the devices (pump>cpu>rad) any pic would help an check for any kinking hoses. with ambiant around 34c = 93.2F an loads 57c = 135 F still below the 60c shut-down mark, i'd say thats cooling ok in that environment.

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