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Flash Voyager 4gb problems

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Ok, not new to the Flash Voyager memory flash modules, I had a 128 mb and then a 1 gb modules before this 4 gb one and I know how they work and how great they are...


however this 4gb module I just bought at Newegg recently causes problems when transfering data to it: the device stops working after a minute of the transfer and Windows shows an error saying the file can't be copied. Disconnecting it and reconnecting it again makes it work again, but if I keep trying to transfer files Windows sometimes shows a BSOD saying the problem was a device driver.


I have three computers and on each the same problem occurs. One has nForce2 Ultra400 chipset, another one nForce3 Ultra and another one nForce4 SLI... I tried also at a friend's Dell and it was the same deal.


Need help or instructions on how to solve this problem or send it to Corsair RMA.



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