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First time RAM upgrader seeks help


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I am upgrading my RAM from the original system RAM of 512K to 1GB. The computer was originally an HP pavilion t360a but I have heavily modified it since I bought it.


My current specs are:

Antec TruePower 430W

ASUS P4SD-LA mother board (HP calls it Yale UL6E)

2.8Ghz pentium 4

Original 512Mb 333Mhz DDR SDRAM

A6600GT Nvidia WInfast Leadtek

80GB 7200RPM HD

7-in-1 card reader

DVD writer/CD writer combo

801/g Belkin wireless network card


I have Three questions being a semi noob at RAM upgrades:


1. I know I need 2700 333Mhz upgrade but is it best I remove the existing stick/s and replace them with matched 184pin sticks?


2. Following on from that if I am only planning on going to 1Gb on this system should I opt for 4 256MB sticks or 2 512MB?


3. A question relating to the relationship between system Ram and Graphics card RAM.... what effect does upgrading system RaM have in comparison to upgrading graphics card with higher RAM? (for 3D gaming purposes Ala WoW or Guildwars)



Cheers for any help, PS I am upgrading a friends system simultaneously so if you feel generous have a look at the subsequent thread from me.

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1. Generally yes, although Corsair's System Select memory can be safely used in the system w/ the HP memory.

Corsair Memory Compatible with the Hewlett-Packard Pavilion t360a


2. 2x512MB


3. Depends on how the game is designed.




"Corsair CM72SD512RLP-2700 512MB Registered PC-2700 DDR RAM, 64Mx72 ECC, 184-pin DIMM, LC2.5, 32Mx8 DRAMs, Low-profile"


work in the system as opposed to the system select recommeded:

512MB Corsair System Select CMSS512MB-333 PC2700 DDRRAM (Suitable for Dell, Compaq, HP, IBM & Gateway Desktops)???

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