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Does the Nautilus 500 depends on the surrounding


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I bought the system about 1 1/2 month ago..first, i am happy to see my temp goes down from 45 C to 33 C at normal with all connect to VGA, HD and CPU.

Second, lately..the normal temp not at that number ( 33 C ) anymore...it raising up to 40 C at normal. So I added one more rad w/ fan, hope see the tem goes down but it stay at the same. Well, now I took my VGA block out from the loop and only the CPU and HD stay in the loop... and it is the same.

My questions are

1- why it is happen like that? because the weather/ or Ca temp ( my house A/C 24 /24??

2- Does the pump getting weaker?

3- If I cut the loop hose shorter, would it help?

4- I plans to intall the Pelt, will the Nautilus 500 will work with it?

5- Should I c/o the cooling water?

6- What can I do or the best way to improve it in my case?

Sorry for too many questions. thank in advance.:D:

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It will depend on the surroundings. I can notice a 5-7C difference depending on the room temperature.


The is logical as the rate of cooling depends on the temperature difference between the water in the radiator and the air passing over it.

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