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CMX512-3200C2PT module bad

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I've had Corsair memory module CMX512-3200C2PT for about 18 months, worked great until about 4 days ago.


Windows started crashing randomly, and RAM would occasionally fail POST.


I ran Windows Memory Diagnostic utility, it displayed over 46 failures in the various tests.


Replaced the suspect CMX512-3200C2PT memory module with another identical Corsair module. Reran tests, no issues. POST is fine. Windows runs as expected.


I do I need to do anything else before requesting an RMA?





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Thanks Wired,


Ran through the steps, and have received an email regarding my RMA request.



BTW, in case Corsair is interested, ran Memtest86+ v1.65 on my two CMX512-3200C2PT modules (the good one and suspect bad one), results are:

Good module: passes all tests

Suspect bad module: frequently fails POST at 128 MB with message "RAM R/W test failed", so the system thinks I only have 128MB of RAM available. When running Memtest, received over 2000 errors within 8% of the test.

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