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10k on 3dmark06 with twinx2048-4000pt

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heya folks. got some pretty righteous 3dmark06 scores on my new computer. here's the setup :


asus a8n31

fx60 oc'ed to 3.2 ghz (200x16 mult) (peltier cooled)

corsair twinx2048-4000pt (250 x2 ddr speed) (watercooled :) )

2x 7950 gx2 video cards (watercooled with customized koolance blocks and oc'ed to 625/750)




here's the futuremark benchies - 9938...




and here's a website to my buildlog - http://hell.tc - it's only starting out now, just getting some pics up of the mods i made to the koolance blocks to fit my 7950's, but i intend on getting pics of the whole build up.


i have no doubt that i will be able to smash through 10k (even before the quad sli drivers come out, running quad now is actually slowing me down a bit) by tweaking with the fsb and the htt. i love this memory, very solid. :D:

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