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A Dead Corsair VS512MB400


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I have a 512 MB stick of ddr pc-3200 (Corsair Value Select VS512MB400). Whenever i have it in my PC, the PC wont load. I used the memtest86+-1.65 application and got only bad results that lead to an "Unexpected error - Haulting" message. :mad:


Im running on a

3.2 Ghz P4 CPU /FSB = 800MHz

Motherboard is ASUS - p4s800D-E Deluxe /FSB = 800MHz


Im willing to try anything (well almost anything) to get it to work, but my bios is correctly setup already and i've tried alter power setttings and jumper settings to underclock it and get a different result but it still goes bad.


An RMA to replace it would be nice, but hopefully i can find a solution with less Downtime


Please Help me RAM GUY! :(:

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