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Real capacity of Voyager 1G?

Neon Kitten

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Hi all,


I just bought the 1GB Flash Voyager this week; very pleased with it overall.


Just tonight, though, I was trying out the security-partition thing. I experimented with it for a bit, figured "okay, it works, but unless I really need it I'll just go back to the single partition" and set the Voyager (via the utility) back to being a single-partition drive again by winding the "security" setting down to zero using the partition slider.


Now, when I look at XP's drive properties for the freshly-formatted Voyager, it tells me I have 991MB of capacity on the drive. Now, this might be my mind playing tricks on me, but I could *swear* that before I did all the playing around with partitioning, the brand new Voyager had *997*MB of space listed in XP.


I'm well aware of the binary/decimal differences when it comes to disk space figures, but am I going bonkers, or did I just permanently lose 8MB of capacity on my Voyager simply by playing with the security features?


I figure the Voyager uses some of its RAM capacity for formatting etc - even 997MB doesn't translate to a "real" 1GB - but if anyone with a Voyager who hasn't ever used the Corsair Utility to partition the drive could tell me what their 1GB capacity is it'd be much appreciated.


And if I *have* lost the space... how can I get it back? :)

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That is normal, its they way DOS uses the actual space some is used for the file system.


Thanks for the fast reply!


I'm aware of the way DOS deals with space, but what I'm hoping to find out is whether the partioning activity I did somehow caused me to lose some allocatable space...


What I'm hoping is that someone with either a brand new 1G Voyager, or one that has never been partitioned with the Flash Voyager Utility, could right click the empty Voyager in XP's "My Computer" window, go to :properties" and tell me how much space (both in bytes and MB) that XP reports as being available on the drive.


FWIW, when I first ran the Flash Utility - before partitioning the drive - the partitioning section defaulted to maybe 4MB or so for the "security" partition. Perhaps my memory is failing me and in doing what I did I got a little bit *more* space out of my Voyager? :)

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Just to finish with this thread, I now have a definitive answer about the 1G Voyager's real capacity, having tracked down a friend who'd just bought one.


Out of the packaging, the drive's capacity is reported by XP as 977MB. After setting the security partition size to zero with the Flash Voyager utility (or resetting it with EZrecover) the reported capacity is 991MB.


So in other words, if you're not using the security feature, you can squeeze another 14MB of capacity out of the 1G drive by re-partitioning it :)

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They come formatted in Fat 16 as well so if you use Fat32 to format the drive it may have a bit better usage of the space.


Actually, by formatting in FAT32 you lose exactly 4,096 bytes of space compared to FAT16 (probably thanks to the larger file table) :)


Everything I've read on this subject has also suggested there is no performance improvement to be gained by using FAT32, and no technical reason why it's necessary. So I stick to FAT16 and keep my extra 4KB :)

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