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slow 1GB


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Hi folks,


I'm new 'round here, but hopefully have a simple request. Have a few week old 1GB flash voyager, xfer rates seem slow, like 1-3 megabytes/second (Have tried both large files, like a few quicktime movies, and a bunch of smaller pdf/doc/jpg files).


BTW, when the 19MB/sec as the transfer speed, I suppose you mean megabyte and not megabit?


The unit is formatted as FAT32 and getting primary use on a 1 month only MacBook computer with Mac OS 10.4.7. I have also tested it on a Dell Laptop with 1GB RAM and XP Pro with similar results.


In both cases I have confirmed it is operating at USB2.0. Also plugging in directly to the PC/Mac, not a hub.


Any free, quick, easy utilities to check the xfer rate officially if needed? If no one knows a Mac app to do this, a Windows app is fine too...(I just recently switched over)

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For the 1Gb model, you should be able to get speeds approaching 13 megabytes/s write and 19megabytes/s read. Transfering large numbers of small files will be slower though.


I'd put a single movie file on the drive and time transfers to and from as many computers as you can plug it into, preferably desktops rather than notebooks.


Might want to reformat the drive first, to make sure its FAT or FAT32 and that no security or encryption utilities are installed.


You can also install and run benchmarking software, HD Tach, Sandra, etc.

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After reformatting the drive, transferring a 462MB MP4 movie file takes approximately 1.5 mins/90sec on a PC or Mac, which by my calculations is about 5MB/sec.


HD Tach notes that the read speed is on par (~17.5MB/sec) with stated specs. SiSoft results are attached to this post, and seem to note quite slow write performance.


Thoughts? Is there a problem with this unit?


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