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Probably bad Module VS1GSDS400


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Hi everyone,


i bought a module VS1GSDS400.

It was working fine until today when my winXP did a dump memory.

I think it was a windows problems.

But the problem persisted.

I've tryed with linux and i got a lot of kernel panic.


I passed memtest v3.1

And i got a lot of memory problems in the region where the new module is located.

Using memtest just with the onboard memory no problems appeared.


My laptop is HP Pavillion ZV5320us (product number PL996UA#ABA)


In the corsair main page (corsair configurator) the memory module recommended is a 333 module.

This difference could cause some problem?

I don't think so but ...


What is the possible diagnostic for this module?


Thanks in advance.


Best Regards,

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Please look Up your system on our memory configurator and then see if the reseller will let you exchange for the correct part.




They don't have available the part:

CMSS1GB-333SOD (1Gb indicated by the memory configurator)

This is a "system select" part.


The only possibility, with 1Gb capacity from corsair (and others), are DDR400 PC3200.


What is the problem in using a PC3200 instead a PC2700 memory module?


Sync problems or others ones could take to memorys dumps and kernel panic?


This memory was working fine since it arrived , during 10 days.


Thanks in advance



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I would see if your reseller will let you exchange for VS1GSDS333, many times the system will not be stable because of the way it converts the SPD information. But if they will not help you I would get the RMA from us and then call them before you send it to ask if they will help you get the part# I suggested. And you should NOT mix Value Select with the memory that came with your system.
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