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I can recommend this little utility to see how your discs, flash or otherwise, are performing. It gives the read and write speeds for your choice of file sizes, the default being 0.5k to 1024k.


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Its a single executable file, no install needed, and easily fits on the USB flash disk so you can run the benchmark on any computer you plug the drive into.


In my experience it gives qualitatively the same results as the much more comprehensive Sandra. It also correctly reports the specified speeds for the Voyager.


My only problem with it so far is that with Vista it somehow manages to return the correct, sequencial data transfer times even if when you actually transfer files to the drive the operating system reverts to random writes which can often be often much, much slower.


I consider it standard equipment: as well as checking the speed of USB drives, its great for discovering if your Sandisk Ultra II SD card you got off eBay is real or fake, for example.

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The original link I posted was full of Java apps, whether malicious or just incompetent I cant say for sure, but I mistakenly though it was the original source. It was not.


Here's a direct link to the utility, this version is also much newer (2005):




Or search the web for bench32. I couldn't find the original source unfortunately, just a lot of mirrors.

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