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2GB Flash Voyager killing HDs?


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IS there any known issue where leaving a flash drive in on a reboot kills the machine?


I have had this happen 3 times in two days while doing work at a small business. Two were older gateways and one was a compaq. They all run XP pro.


If I ever left the usb drive in on a reboot, they would never come back up. I only got a cursor screen and the HD was unreadable. One was able to run XP again after a reinstall and the other two were dead.




I can replicate this with another PC where it will kill the HD if the drive is left in but will reboot fine without it. Every time. No other usb drives cause this as far as I can tell.



I tried to replicate this once more and the PC booted. Maybe it is just random bad luck with PCs that are on death's doorstep.... :s

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