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Hey folks.. I built my box from scratch about 4 months ago and I dig the Corsair memory.. good stuff. A couple of days ago my PC began locking up during boot, rebooting at random after booting in Safe Mode, etc. I have two sticks of 1 gig each..


Cosair CMX1024-3200C2


Lot #0604278-1

400 MHz - CL2


I pulled out one stick of memory and the PC still failed to boot, giving me error messages and trying to write to read-only memory, bad pool headers (BSoD) etc. When I swapped the sticks it boots fine, runs fine, and I am posting on it now. When I put stick #1 back in, PC still won't function. Stick #2 works as it always did. Seems pretty solid to me, but I want to hear what you all think and start the return/exchange process. Thanks..

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