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Memory Error on: M2N-SLI DELUXE (TWIN2X2048-6400)


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My system is running stable on win xp pro and running stable when I play games as well, only downside is that when I ran memtest it came with over 2000 errors with usb legacy disabled.


My system specs are on my sig.

I'm running the memory on it's rated latencies which is 1T 1.9V and memory clock frequency is on "auto" which shows up at the bottom "Current DRAM Timing 800MHz-5-5-5-12-1T".


wondering why i'm getting these errors?

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With the CPU you have you will need to set the memory frequency at 667 Mhz. Please try that and see if the system is more stable.


thanks for the reply ram guy, I set the memory frequency to 667 Mhz- the system ran stable but still came out with memory errors. I'm getting too caught up with this memtest thing :(.

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Did you try and set the memory volatge at 2.1 Volts and I would make sure Legacy USB is disabled as well.


settings: 1T at 2.1V DDR667 and I always have had USB Legacy disabled.


It still came up with errors but with "less" errors.

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I have a similar setup and had to manually put the ram at 2T instead of 1T with this board. I don't know why this runs but it does. I might add I'm getting random blue screens that I think is ram related because of stability issues. I hope ASUS comes out with a bios update soon that will fix these problems.
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Ramguy i'm using these settings for TWIN2X2048-6400 on a m2n-sli delux, can u tell me if these are ok?


memory clock frequency: set to ddr 667

tcl: set to auto which reads "5"

trcd: set to auto which reads "5"

trp: set to auto which reads "5"

tras: set to auto which reads "18"

1T/2T Memory Timing: set to auto which reads "2T"

ddr voltage: set to 1.95V


here is some cpu-z screenies:







sometimes i get the bsod sometimes when i boot up, however my system runs pretty stable in windows, but i get memory errors on mem test with usb legacy disabled

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hey ram guy,


I've decided to open the case up and do some testing, i've tested the modules individually using memtest and found out that one tested with alot of errors and the other passed with flying colours. Certainly I have to get the modules RMA, the question is do I take these back to the place I bought these modules from and let them deal with the RMA or deal with it myself? I have only had these rams for like 3 weeks.

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